Stop The Push To Ban Smoking In Private Homes

A bridge too far! Now the push to ban smoking in your house or flat is upon us.

This one riles me so much I will be printing the names of the people who are responsible for pushing this.

I hope you realise that this will open the way for police to come into your house and check your fridge for alchohol if you have ever lost it on alchohol or fast foods if you have a weight problem.

This proposal is such an infringement on our civil liberties that I can't believe those pushing it (mostly Baby Boomers) ever lived in the 60's. They are total hypocrites and a disgrace!! And I'm in my 40's in case you think this is coming from a gen Y 20 something.

Sign this petition to tell the government NOT to introduce any laws making it illegal to smoke in your own home.

This is a big one guys so don't be apathetic about it.

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