In Australia

...since Labors reinstatement in '07 we've seen the government smash smokers by $230 p/w (add it up) and at the same time leave us no place to smoke. Excessive tax too. ($18US a pack vs $1US in some countries in the EU). I just can't work out if they love us or hate us...

In recent years we've seen the introduction of draconian laws that push smokers onto the street, ban smoking on streets and beaches, and have even setup smoke police to monitor whether you smoke in your car under certain circumstances.

They are now proposing to include your house! Hello, you want people coming into your house to monitor your habits??? I don't!! Not unless they don't mind me coming into their house to decide whether if fits into my beloved paradigm.

This is a very worrying trend, particularly in a democratic society. It reeks of a totalitarian attitude and the observation must be made, today it's cigarettes, what's on the agenda for tomorrow. Fridge police? Alcohol police? Exercise police? Attitude Police. Ya!!

Australians should also listen to or read a transcript of what was discussed in parliament on Feb 28, 2011. Not one parliamentarian stood up for your right to smoke; they hammered you!! And they are meant to represent the people? 3 million Aussies smoke each day and those 3 million Aussies should be inflamed by the discrimination and lack of respect the people they elected are showing them.

Even if you don't smoke, what the proposed laws represent are a direct attack on your rights. If governments get away applying these laws to smokers it stands to reason they will expand into other areas of life that may directly affect you. If you don't want your right to enjoy life, think about it...soon! Sign the petitions and get your friends to do the same!